Have you had a political wake up call? Here's what to do next.

“While the wellness industry soars in America (up 1000% in the last 20 years), so does inequality and injustice. Awakened by the events of 9/11, Kerri Kelly takes a hard look at who we are and what it means to be well. She challenges us to reimagine citizenship - not as one of exclusion and rules but as one of belonging and solidarity. Because our collective wellbeing depends on it.“ - TEDx Talks

If you are ready to have your own “wake up” moment, join us this January 15th and 17th as Off the Mat will be hosting Project Springboard: From Personal Transformation to Project Activation, led by Kerri Kelly to kick-start your New Year and help you catalyze change. The training is intended to help take leadership and projects to the next level. While many traditional incubators focus exclusively on profit generation, we recognize the importance of creating a personal and social context for our work. Our program is designed to include equal parts “being” (e.g. practice, self-care, values, motivation, and authentic expression), “embodying” (e.g. sustainable action, impact, and conscious innovation), and “doing” (e.g. skill-building, tools, learning materials, and practical application).
Join us for a 2-day online immersion on January 15th & 17th to help build a capacity for growth and manifestation and translate your personal purpose into social impact.