When Chelsea was 15 years old, she nearly died from a stroke caused by severe anorexia. She incorporated yoga into her recovery process and in her words, “I went from surviving to thriving; from living half a life to experiencing joy and freedom I never imagined possible.” She’s

The Good Fighter – Yoga Journal Interview with Marianne Elliott

It’s time to take your yoga off the mat. We are sharing an article from Yoga Journal with Marianne Elliott, writer, yoga teacher, human rights advocate and Off the Mat Senior Leader. She believes that “There is something magical that happens when people come together in person to share stories. I tell stories that inspire people to be braver and to find their unique way to serve the world.”

She is Rising: Global Seva Challenge India

Please enjoy this powerful epic poem Suzanne Sterling wrote during her month-long visit to India with the Global Seva Challenge: India participants.

Suzanne and Seane traveled with Off the Mat leaders who had successfully raised $20,000 each to combat sex trafficking in India through the Global Seva Challenge program. Together, 200+ Seva leaders raised $1 million.

This is Suzanne’s reflection of her time in India.