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Who we are

We are a collective, building a movement of fully embodied activists. Grounded in practice, guided by vision, we are changing the world.  At its root, the word yoga means union — of mind, body, and spirit. We utilize the tools of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry to create conscious, sustainable change on a grassroots and global level — through leadership trainings, online courses, service and action projects, and much more. This practice helps us cultivate self-awareness and also learn to move through discomfort and pain. In the face of violence and injustice, it sustains us in our efforts for personal, cultural, and global transformation.

What we stand for

Yoga is a tool for change. It takes radical self-inquiry, collaboration, and conscious action to transform ourselves, our communities, and the world. Rooted in compassion and connection, we are called to awaken to suffering and take action in response, creating a peaceful, just, and connected global community. How will you take your yoga off the mat and into the world?

Take your yoga off the mat...

Through leadership intensives, workshops, and online courses, Off The Mat Into The World supports yogis in becoming conscious and effective community leaders, covering topics like social justice, sustainable activism, embracing differences while connecting with our passion and purpose, by linking embodied practice with effective social and environmental justice work.

...or come back in to breathe and recenter.

Living a life dedicated to activism can be challenging. Self care is a vital part of sustaining this important work. If you’re feeling burnt out, our trainings can provide a space to reconnect with yourself, release the stress and trauma of frontline work, and remember what drives you in a community of care.

Meet our founders

   Seane Corn ,  Hala Khour  i, M.A. , &  Suzanne Sterling    are internationally known for their yoga practice as activism work. Committed to conscious, sustainable social change, the trio launched OTM in 2007 as a global  community-focused leadership training organization for activists.  Meet the rest of our team here.

Seane CornHala Khouri, M.A., & Suzanne Sterling  are internationally known for their yoga practice as activism work. Committed to conscious, sustainable social change, the trio launched OTM in 2007 as a global  community-focused leadership training organization for activists. Meet the rest of our team here.

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Upcoming Trainings and Events

Course Catalog

We offer in-person leadership intensives and online courses throughout the year.  We also offer recordings of past online courses.

If you have questions, tale a look at our Intensives FAQ, or email us at training@offthematintotheworld.org

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Yoga In Action


Yoga in Action (YIA) is a grassroots, purpose-driven leadership program that brings the Off the Mat experience of self-inquiry and sustainable action to a local level


Designed as a small circle model, this seven-week program is an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, to develop relationships with other yogis and activists, and to collaborate on creating authentic and lasting change close to home. In this training, with the support of a small group of peers, participants journey from inward witnessing and acceptance to outward purposeful and accountable action within their communities and the outside world.

OTM's vision is to seed these small groups of change in communities and online to inspire collaboration and connection among our diverse community of activists.


Over the last ten years, through the 5-Day Yoga, Purpose & Action Intensive, OTM has trained hundreds of leaders across the globe to lead YIA Circles on a local level and has ultimately built a network of embodied, inspired, and motivated people, committed to actively serving their communities in a conscious and sustainable way. 



OTM is proud to align with conscious, mindful organizations that encourage yoga and social change where they are needed most. Use this list to connect with allies for inspiration, support, and partnership.



Little Flower Yoga - littlefloweryoga.com
Move With Me Yoga Adventures - move-with-me.com
Shanti Generation - shantigeneration.com
Sprout Yoga - sproutyoga.org

Daya Foundation - dayafoundation.org
Lineage Project - lineageproject.org
Niroga - niroga.org
Prison Yoga Project - prisonyoga.org
The Art Of Yoga Project - theartofyogaproject.org
Uprising Yoga - uprisingyoga.org
Yoga Behind Bars - yogabehindbars.org
Y.O.G.A. for Youth - yogaforyouth.org

Headstand - headstand.org
Little Flower Yoga - littlefloweryoga.com
Niroga - niroga.org
Yoga Foster - yogafoster.org

self Care

Embody Love Movement - embodylovemovement.org
Sprout Yoga - sproutyoga.org
Yoga & Body Image Coalition - ybicoalition.com

Yoga Bear - yogabear.org

Little Flower Yoga - littlefloweryoga.com
Move With Me Yoga Adventures - move-with-me.com
Shanti Generation - shantigeneration.com
Sprout Yoga - sproutyoga.org

Mind Body Solutions - mindbodysolutions.org

Exhale to Inhale - exhaletoinhale.org

Daya Foundation - dayafoundation.org
Yoga & 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) - y12sr.com




Africa Yoga Project - africayogaproject.org
Daya Foundation - dayafoundation.org
Give Back Yoga Foundation - givebackyoga.org
Hanuman Homies - hanumanhomies.com
Hands to Heart Center - handstoheartcenter.org
The Pollination Project - thepollinationproject.org
World Muse - theworldmuse.org
Yoga Activist - yogaactivist.org
Yoga Service Council - yogaservicecouncil.org


social justice 

Bending Towards Justice - bendingtowardsjustice.org
CTZNWELL - ctznwell.org
Daya Foundation - dayafoundation.org
Olive Tree Yoga Foundation - olivetreeyogafoundation.org
SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice) - showingupforracialjustice.org
Third Root Education Exchange (TREE) & Community
Health Center - thirdroot.org
With My Own Two Hands - withmyown2hands.org



trauma section photo


Firefly Yoga International - fireflyyoga.org
Trauma Informed Yoga - traumainformedyoga.net
Yoga To Transform Trauma - yogatotransformtrauma.org

Connection Coalition - theconnectioncoalition.org
Holistic Life Foundation - hlfinc.org
Lineage Project - lineageproject.org
Niroga - niroga.org
Reciprocity Foundation - reciprocityfoundation.org
Shanti Generation - shantigeneration.com
Street Yoga - streetyoga.org
Uprising Yoga - uprisingyoga.org
Y.O.G.A. for Youth - yogaforyouth.org


Your effort, presence and sweat means the world to us. Doing this work requires all of that, and quite a few dollars. If you've ever felt moved by or wondered how you could more fully participate in our mission, there are several ways to support us and the world we hope to co-create.

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Give an Open gift


Off the Mat, Into the World (OTM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging yoga and activism. Founded in 2007, OTM uses the tools of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry to inspire leaders to create conscious, sustainable change. We define activism as an act of standing for solidarity, equality, justice, and freedom for all. Your kind, tax-deductible donations help us continue the work we feel so passionate about.

 Go to   OTM's Teespring page   to see full selection of colors and styles

Go to OTM's Teespring page to see full selection of colors and styles

OTM: Yoga Is T-Shirt, TANK, Long-Sleeve

Proceeds from all sales will be donated to Off The Mat, Into The World, so that we may continue underwriting trainings for yogis wanting to find their purpose, activists needing tools to make their work more effective and sustainable, and everyone in between.



Support Off the Mat by shopping on AmazonSmile.

Providing the exact same products, prices, and service as the regular Amazon you know & love, it donates 0.5% of your purchase price to the charity of your choice.

Sign-in with your regular Amazon log-in info, then choose your charity by typing 'Off the Mat, Into the World' in the search box and selecting it on the following page. Once set up, OTM automatically receives a donation from your purchases after each shopping session.

Global Seva Challenge


For 8 years, Off the Mat sponsored a transformational journey, the Global Seva Challenge, raising over $3.5 million for organizations creating real impact in countries around the world.

An international service project, the Seva Challenge built community, provoked awareness and action around global issues, and raised significant funds that supported communities in crisis. With a focus on listening closely to the needs of locals in the recipient country, the Global Seva Challenge program saw incredible success  


Past Seva Challenges

2008 | Cambodia 

2009 | Uganda  

2010 | South Africa 

2011 | Haiti 

2012 | India 

2013 | Amazon

2015 | Kenya 

OTM empowered Seva Challenge participants to raise significant funds through grassroots fundraising and community building.

The grassroots fundraising process of the Seva Challenge built leadership skills and cultivated dedication and passion for taking direct action. 

The Seva Challenge trips were an opportunity for participants to have an in-depth immersion into trauma-informed cultural awareness, witnessing firsthand the effects of global issues and an inspiring experience of projects that are successful and sustainable. 

Participants who raised significant funds were invited to join OTM on a powerful journey called the Bare Witness Humanitarian Tour where they spent two weeks working directly with the organizations their funds helped to support. During these trips, participants connected with local organizations that were meeting short term needs while also identifying long term solutions for underserved areas.

After the trip’s completion, OTM and our partner The Village Experience provided guidance and assistance to those participants who continued to work in support of our Seva Challenge partners and projects in that country.


The Global Seva Challenge 2015 was focused on raising awareness and providing support to women facing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Early Childhood Marriage (ECM) in Kenya.  

The issue
It is estimated that, in Kenya alone, more than 40% of women between the ages of 15 and 19 (and over half of women above the age of 35) have been subjected to some form of female genital mutilation (FGM) or early childhood marriage (ECM), which are dangerous, oppressive and potentially fatal for millions of girls worldwide. 

Global Seva Challenge efforts are done in solidarity with local community organizers and groups. We were excited to work with the Samburu Girls Foundation and the Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative, both of whose primary objectives are to rescue girls from child marriage, circumcision, domestic violence, and physical/sexual abuse in Kenya. They also work to offer and educate groups on alternative rites of passage ceremonies.

Our longtime friends & partners at The Village Experience / The Village Cooperative (TVE/TVC) coordinated the distribution of funds raised by OTM to our partners in Kenya for these projects.

Bare Witness Humanitarian Tour
After much evaluation and discussion, OTM founders and staff decided to cancel the 2015 humanitarian tour to Kenya due to safety concerns in the country. This was not an easy decision to make, and we strongly support the work that both the Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative and the Samburu Girls Foundation are doing in Kenya.


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