Tessa Hicks Peterson is the Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement and Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Pitzer College, where she has been teaching since 2006. Her research interests revolve around social movements, indigenous studies, community-based teaching, learning and research, and the links between individual well-being and community building/ social change. In her many years as the director of an anti-bias education institute and continuing today as a consultant, Tessa has conducted hundreds of diversity trainings, anti-bias education seminars and workshops on a variety of social justice issues across the county. As a scholar, Tessa has conducted community-based research projects around issues of poverty and economic success with families in Los Angeles, notions of cultural affirmation and de-colonization of native practices in the Andes of Peru, the links between spirituality and social justice for activist professionals in Los Angeles, and the impact of engaged scholarship and service-learning on students, faculty, staff, and community partners at Pitzer College. In all of her work as a scholar, teacher, and activist, Tessa aims to link individual well-being and collective transformation through critical thinking, sacred movement, and communal grace. Tessa lives in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains of Los Angeles with her husband, John, two boys, Isaiah and Jonah.