How To Engage Across Differences With Family and Friends
with Seane Corn, Jacoby Ballard, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Kerri Kelly


Nov 2016

The holidays often offer us an opportunity to be with family and friends.  This can be both beautiful and connecting, as well as challenging and triggering.  Given the intensity of the current political climate, these interactions may have even more charge than usual. We know many of us are stressed, overwhelmed, and scared right now.  When we are in fear, it can be challenging to engage with others in a mindful and effective way.

During this call, our facilitators will be sharing their personal stories around how they are dealing with family and friends who have different views. They will talk about self-care and boundaries, tools for effective communication, and reflections on how our personal process can either support us or get in our way.

For some of you, you may want to challenge the beliefs of some of your loved ones.  We will discuss how to challenge without attacking- by trying to connect, asking about their values, and inquiring about their concerns while also sharing your views in a way that they can hear you. Many leaders of color are asking white folks to #getyourcousin, asking for solidarity and recognizing that we can access our family members in a way that they never could. So then it is our task, as warriors of love and connection, to figure out a way to connect to the hearts of our family members regardless of their vote, to bare our own hearts and lives courageously.