The Myth of Unity - 2016

The Myth of Unity - 2016

a conversation with Seane Corn, facilitated by Kerri Kelly
March 2016
1 (one) 90min session

Join Seane and Kerri for a provocative conversation about spirituality, the state of the world, and what it means to say we are all One.  Yogis love to talk about Namaste and interconnection, but do we have the right? Is Unity true or is it a myth? We live in a world divided by race, class, religion, and identity.  How do we resolve all these divisions and find the spirit of connection so many of us desire?
During this call, Seane also answered participants questions around this inquiry. Questions were emailed in advance or asked during the call.

Sliding Scale:

$42 | Supporter Rate (support others as well as yourself)
$34 | Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$25*| Community Rate (discounted)

*if this is not affordable for you, please email us at to inquire about a lower payment