Lezlie Frye


Lezlie Frye is a yoga and meditation teacher, political educator, poet and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is committed to slowing down, making room, and holding space for all the communities and movements she holds dear. Lezlie’s background is in organizing and social justice work, dance and other visual art forms, healing practices that include movement-based story-telling and western herbalism, and an embeddedness in communities that practice interdependence and collective care. Lezlie dreams of collective access in and as yoga. Drawing on values, strategies, and learnings from disability communities, she offers workshops to yoga teachers and studios on language, access, and addressing ableism with an open heart. Lezlie also leads a broad range of workshops around the country, facilitates conversations about difference and power, and regularly teaches on topics including gender and sexuality, race and US Empire, and disability studies. Lezlie was trained in the lineage of Swami Kripalu, whose heart-felt practice inspired the “yoga of compassion.” She seeks to offer inviting, accessible instruction to people of all bodies, capacities, and experience. Working from an awareness of how yoga circulates unevenly in the US, often in ways that contrast starkly from its origins and current practice in India, Lezlie seeks to tread softly and humbly in engaging these sacred traditions.