Introduction to Social Justice Concepts

Online training for yogis willing to talk about race, equality and oppression with honesty & mindfulness (9 sessions)

The foundation of Yoga philosophy the notion that we are all connected. As yogis, we strive for self-awareness and a compassionate heart. Deepening connection and investigating the role that we play in this web of life, is vital to any authentic awareness practice. A yoga practice that is only about individual healing is incomplete. If we don’t recognize that our wellbeing is intimately linked to the wellbeing of all people (and plants and animals) on the planet, then we are living in denial. If we don’t recognize that for many of us, the privileges we have come at the expense of others, then we cannot truly begin to heal.

This course is designed to be an introduction to foundational social justice concepts and how they apply to living with compassion and mindfulness. Each session comes with suggested readings, movies and articles to enhance the material presented.

Each session is approximately 90 minutes. 

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Session 1  Foundations:  Compassionate Conversation led by Teo Drake
Session 2  The Samskara of Prejudice/ The Impact of Collective Trauma led by Nikki Myers/ Hala Khouri
Session 3  Social Justice Basics led by Tessa Hicks
Session 4  Social Justice Basics: Racism led by Pat Payne
Session 5  School to Prison Pipeline and Mindfulness led by BK Bose
Session 6  Privilege, Responsibility, Personal Passion led by Michael Skolnik
Session 7  Gender Justice led by Jacoby Ballard / Teo Drake
Session 8  Engaging Ableism with an Open Heart led by Lezlie Frye
Session 9  Beyond Duality led by Nikki Myers / Hala Khouri