Grief Circle: Honoring & Sharing Sorrow In Challenging Times
with Suzanne Sterling, Jacoby Ballard, and Tameka Walton


Dec 2016

Join OTM co-founder Suzanne Sterling, faculty member Jacoby Ballard, and ally Tameka Walton for a call to honor and share our grief in these challenging times.

In many traditions worldwide, during fearful and difficult times, there are offered-rituals and circles that can allow an expression of individual and collective grief and sorrow.  In response to this time when there has been an escalation of hate crimes, violence, bullying, and aggression in communities, schools, and politics (indeed almost everywhere we turn), as well as a deepening polarization and divisiveness that can be profoundly triggering, we are offering a container in which to feel, express, and support each other in a sense of shared grief.  This will not be a place to be “solution-oriented” or organized around action but rather a place to breathe, feel, release, and hold each other (virtually, of course).

At OTM we understand that in order to truly make informed and conscious actions for organized change, we must first allow a discharge of energy and emotions that might be counterproductive to connection and community support.  Our invitation is for you to bring your honest and authentic grief to this call and join a community of support that can hold us all as we move forward in strength and resilience.