Having joined the OTM family in 2014, Ginny brings with her a decade of marketing, creative design, and publicity experience with a passion for the entertainment, lifestyle, and wellness industries. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, a graduate of Western Kentucky University’s prestigious Public Relations & Journalism program, and a now long-time Angeleno, Ginny has worked on a variety of projects and campaigns in a spectrum of roles with a multitude of clients, from creative artists, entrepreneurs, and business professionals to agencies, firms, non-profits, and start-ups. She’s also no stranger to being on-set or in-studio, having worked as a performer, singer, and personality.

Ginny is a registered yoga teacher, as well as a Little Flower Yoga and iRest teacher-in-training, having humbly learned from many wisdom traditions. She loves to create and immerse herself in soulful, dynamic practices that both ground and inspire. With a strong foundation in spiritual metaphysics, she honors the power of mindfulness to deeply transform and is humbled by the path it paves: a path that allows us to clearly channel outwardly the magic of the inner world. She’s a self-proclaimed existential questions junkie, a fan of good-hearted dharma jousting, and a soulful spirit that loves animals, music, cars, craft brew, sunshine, the earth, travel, art, laughter, the avant garde, old Hollywood, and the reverent beauty of a life well-loved.

She lives by the sea in southern California.