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Voice of Change with Suzanne Sterling (Online Course)

“One of the main things that's holding us back, even if we have had the privilege and the time to do healing work on ourselves, is a fear of using our own voice.” - Suzanne Sterling

Course Details:

  • Facilitator: Suzanne Sterling, Off the Mat, Into the World Co-Founder

  • Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, September 10 - 26, 2019 (6 sessions, 90 min. each)

  • Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm PT / 7:30 - 9:00pm ET  

  • Course Recordings: Sessions are recorded and emailed to you automatically following each session and will be available for 30 days after the final session.

Course Description:

Do you yearn to stand in your own power and speak your truth? Is it time to listen to the poetry of your own soul and the wisdom of your sacred intuition? Would you like to take your spiritual work out into the world in embodied, compassionate, and active ways?

Voice of Change with Suzanne Sterling is designed to develop and strengthen your ability to live, express, and embody your truth. We will explore ways to heal the deep-seated patterns and stories that keep us silent & invisible, uncover the soul of expression that lives inside you, and celebrate your creativity & artistry in powerful ways. You will then be guided in taking steps to become an effective agent-of-change by using self-expression, ritual, and community-building to support social justice and creative evolution. Voice of Change invites our embodied truth to become our message, our medicine, and our direct action. 

You will learn:

  • how to unlock your creative potential and find the self-expression that fits you best

  • to understand and heal the core traumas that keep you protected but shut down

  • to understand the science of sound healing as well as how to use your own voice as a tool for empowerment

  • how the basic energy system of the body works and how to unlock the 5th chakra for purification & liberation

  • how to reclaim your voice from the situations & people that forced you to hide your authentic voice

  • how to awaken your own intuitive leadership skills and remove blocks to power & confidence

  • to become a wordsmith who uses words and songs to awaken, heal, and empower others

  • how to integrate the sacred into your life, art, and work

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Sliding Scale Price:
$200 | Community Rate (discounted)
$300 | Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$400 | Supporter Rate (supports others as well as yourself)

What people are saying about Voice of Change:

"The voice workshop you did with us changed everything for me. The opening you created, the fearlessness, the creative power, the absolute joy - I took all of it with me. Everything in my role as a teacher has changed since then in a way that opens up so much potential to do exponentially more for so many kids." - Alex Gandy 

"Suzanne Sterling’s Voice of Change class was transformational for me. Suzanne’s practice – and the practice she shares with students – is both expansive and grounded, practical and profound, unabashedly mystical at the same time it is very much of this life, in present time and place. She teaches a practice that embraces both acceptance of what is and imagination and curiosity about what might be. Suzanne is unerringly compassionate and welcoming. She holds space that is as safe and conducive to personal exploration as is possible, without shying away from the uncomfortable and scary aspects of rigorous self-inquiry."  - Laura Sharkey

"Suzanne's work and the Voice of Change modality is LIFE.CHANGING. Going through it myself I felt like a part of myself that had been missing had been found again."  - Lisa Nixon

"This workshop was about finding not only our authentic physicalvoice, but about finding our authentic truth and being courageous enough to share that rawness in community. We were pushed to the edges of our comfort zone in what we thought we could do with our voices and with our bodies.   For me, I learned a deeper practice of how sound heals, how each note lives within my body, how poetry is written when you least expect it, and I left inspired to share what I learned with others, to create community and to serve all life."  - Shanti