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Event Template: Recording

To create a new Online Course "Event", DUPLICATE this template.

In addition to what is entered here in the Content tab (see instructions, below), edit/verify under the Options tab:
* Upload the Thumbnail Image for the course; it should be dimension of 2:3.
* Change Event URL so that the text following "/ev-oc/" is the acronym used for the course, (same as is used in the SKU, in the course Inventory/Product item).
* Change Author to your own name
* Under Excerpt, copy some pertinent text from the Content section for a short description (this is what will appear on any Event Summary page where this course is displayed).
* Make sure Featured Event is checked.

Now, here in the Content tab:
* Change the Event name to the name of the course, followed by ": Online Course"
* Set the Start on and End on dates/times.
* Verify Comments is set to Off.
* Add the Course name in TAGS; it should be exactly as the course/event is named, with 2 exceptions: NO COMMAS and don't include ": Online Course".

In this window, remove the instructions above (and this line) and add text where indicated. Leave all text that is not instructions for how to edit this text.

HERE: add a VERY short description of the course (one sentence), if it seems to make sense.  Otherwise, skip it.

Change all the "#" signs in the following line, and also under "Sliding Scale:", to reflect the correct numbers for this course:

# sessions, ## min/hr. each

HERE: Add the course description.

Sliding Scale:
$xxx* | Community Rate (discounted)
$xxx  | Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$xxx  | Supporter Rate (support others as well as yourself)

* if this is not affordable for you, please email to inquire about a lower payment

HERE: Add a  product block, with these settings:
* All Show... settings UNchecked except Show Add to Cart Button
Alignment - Left