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Compassionate or Codependent - The Wisdom To Know The Difference: Online Course

with Nikki Myers

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
4:00-6:00pm PT / 7:00-9:00pm ET

Compassion is the heart of sustainable service. Literally translated "suffering with", compassion goes beyond feeling another’s suffering to actively mitigating it. Codependence has been defined as "the dis-ease of the lost self".  It becomes problematic when we consciously or subconsciously seek something outside as a way to sidestep looking inside. The line between the two can be fuzzy and confusing. When service or activism comes from codependence it becomes what Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa calls ‘Idiot Compassion’ or compassion with neurosis. Even though good intentions may be at its core, compassion steeped in codependence becomes unskillful and ultimately damaging.

True compassion balances concern and wisdom. When we find ourselves trying to fix another person or needing to help for our own sense of identity – it’s codependence not compassion. Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield stresses that true compassion only comes through deep self- acceptance.

This session explores codependence, compassion and self-acceptance. Topics include:

  • Cultural and individual samskara (patterns) of codependency
  • How martyrdom, resentment, fixing and burnout can be signs of codependence
  • The drama triangle: victim, perpetrator, rescuer
  • Examining our motives
  • The difference between interdependency and codependency
  • The mechanics of transforming codependent behavior into authentic compassion and care
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Having the courage to say "No"

Sliding Scale:
$50.00* | Community Rate (discounted)
$75.00   | Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$100.00 | Supporter Rate (support others as well as yourself)

* if this is not affordable for you, please email to inquire about a lower payment.