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Course Recording: Yoga, Purpose, and Action 2.0 - 2019


With Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling

5 sessions, approximately 90 min. each

If you are unable to attend OTM’s most popular training in person, this is the next best thing! Join OTM founders Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, and Suzanne Sterling on a journey from the inside out. Through understanding the mind/body connection, the role that trauma plays in shaping us, and how to express your authentic self, we will guide you towards discovering your role in making the world a better place.

Hundreds of people have taken the in-person version of this training, and they leave feeling inspired and activated. Although we cannot recreate online the same embodied experience of an in-person intensive, our goal is to share with you the information and lectures from this course and invite you to work with the information in your own life.

This course provides 7.5hrs of CE credit for Yoga Alliance

OTM founders, Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling have been teaching the powerful 5 day Yoga, Purpose and Action Leadership Intensive for a decade.  The work has evolved tremendously, and out of this growth they are launching the 2.0 version.
Yoga, Purpose and Action 2.0 is a 5 day leadership intensive for anyone wanting to discover, refine or expand their purpose in the world and live a life dedicated to justice and inside out transformation.  We believe that collective liberation is the goal, and this requires a commitment to a personal journey of introspection, healing and accountability that allow us to participate in an effective and healthy way.  We also believe that embodied practices like yoga, meditation and ritual are powerful tools for both self-inquiry and sustainability.  
The arch of this training begins with a personal inquiry about the ways you have been shaped by your life experiences and how that influences how you see the world and participate.  Next, we explore how to transform our wounds into our gifts, with a very practical and creative approach to taking action in conscious and collaborative ways. All of this is done within a context that acknowledges the systemic issues that shape our worldview and our actions. 
OTM founders each get to share the essence of their work this week. This is a rare chance to be with three world renowned facilitators who model collaboration as one of the crucial tools for ongoing action
This training includes:

  • Embodied Mysticism: a journey through the chakras with Seane Corn

  • Trauma: Personal, Interpersonal and Systemic Dynamics with Hala Khouri

  • Voice of Change: liberation, expression and truth telling with Suzanne Sterling

  • Embodied Social Justice: power, privilege and positionality. How we are shaped by the larger systems we live in.

  • Purpose and Action: what does conscious engagement look like and what do you need to move forward towards living a life of meaning and sustainability dedicated to justice for all beings.

This training is for people looking to vision, articulate and live fully their purpose as well as those deeply steeped in their work but who need  community and support We are committed to creating a space where people of all genders, gender identities, races, abilities, body size and sexual orientation feel included.  
If you have already done our 5 day intensive, we suggest considering doing this one.  Our trainings have evolved tremendously and people who have repeated the course have expressed that it was highly beneficial and strengthened their work in the world.

if this is not affordable for you, please email us at to inquire about a lower payment.

Session Details:

Session 1: The Mind/Body Connection - with Seane Corn
Explore how our life experiencing impacts our body, mind, and spirit.  During this provocative session, Seane will talk about the role of the mind/body connection in influencing our behavior and relationships. Through her amazing ability to tell stories to bring to life these ideas, she will inspire you to think about your own life and how the past can either hold you hostage or make your stronger.

Session 2: Trauma and Resilience - with Hala Khouri
We are shaped by our traumas. Like a piece of coal that becomes a diamond through stress and impact, we can learn to transform our traumas into meaningful growth. During this session, Hala (a yoga teacher and trauma therapist) will talk about the physiology of stress and trauma and how to build resilience in order to thrive.

Session 3: Finding Your Voice - with Suzanne Sterling
Speaking our truth is the ultimate expression of healing.  During this experiential session, Suzanne will take you through a journey of finding your voice and authentic communication.  You will also learn techniques such as active listening and Non-Violent Communication so as to effectively communicate and manifest your purpose.

Session 4: Power, Privilege, and Purpose - with Hala, Suzanne, and Seane
As we begin to take our practice off our mats, we must confront the power imbalances that exist outside of us.  Understanding the dynamics that create the context that we live in is a vital part of finding our purpose within it. During this session, we will explore how the larger dynamics of oppression and inequality affect all of us.

Session 5: Activating Your Purpose - with Suzanne
This session will be a creative brainstorm of ways that you can express and activate your purpose in the world.  Suzanne will guide you through experiential exercises to get clarity, practice communicating, and create a sustainable vision for your work in the world.

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