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Trauma & Social Justice: Personal, Interpersonal, and Collective Healing


Workshop Description:

In this workshop Hala will be sharing a somatic and socio-political framework of personal, interpersonal and systemic trauma and how this manifests in individuals and their communities. In addition to exploring tools from the growing field of trauma research, yoga, and mindfulness, we will be investigating the link between personal trauma and institutionalized and normalized systems of oppression. Along with addressing individuals, this workshop will explore how systemic patterns of trauma, marginalization and oppression, at the heart of social justice issues such as poverty, racism, ableism, homophobia, etc., impact entire communities of people.

The goal is to equip anyone working in communities impacted by trauma with a perspective that acknowledges the history and context of the individuals and communities they are working with. Seeing individuals in the context that they come from can help prevent “victim blaming” and can pave the way towards transformative practices that address the root cause of trauma rather than just treating symptoms.

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