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Yoga in Action In-Person Introductory Workshop: Left Coast Power Yoga

Saturday, March 10
12:30 - 3:30 pm
554 16th Street, Oakland CA 94605

Yoga in Action Introductory Workshop
• Have you been practicing and receiving the benefits of yoga and are looking to be more in service in your life?
• Are you in a giving profession and you find yourself facing burn out?
• Are you looking to get clearer on your purpose and how to best contribute?
• Do you want to step further into service given the current state of affairs?
• Are you seeking more community and support?

If yes to any or all - please join us for this Intro. Workshop at Left Coast Power Yoga!

These small circles of change are an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, develop relationships with other yogis and activists in your area, and collaborate on creating real change. Participants journey from inward witnessing and acceptance to outward purposeful and accountable action within their communities and the outside world.

In this workshop you will:
• Connect to your authentic purpose through the process of yoga
• Develop communication tools / practices to put purpose into action in a sustainable way
• Cultivate community and support to make a difference in the world