The Practice of Leadership Series 

Off the Mat founders Seane Corn and Hala Khouri, along with Kerri Kelly have been moderating several panels called The Practice of Leadership at the Yoga Journal LIVE conference around the country. 

These conversations have resulted in several blogs, commentaries and initiatives exploring issues of corporate responsibility, yoga and body image, power and privilege and ethics. We are hosting a community forum on our Facebook page.

Join us for conversations about conscious and compassionate leadership in the modern world. Together with community leaders, this session will explore issues of race, equality, and oppression with courage & mindfulness. An open and honest dialogue that gets at the heart of our practice, our role as conscious leaders and how to enable a community that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Listen to Past Conversations

Panel discussion on Yoga and Body Image, Power and Privilege, Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

Panel discussion on the Practice of Leadership, Power and Privilege @ Yoga Journal Live! 2014 in Estes Park, CO (features Hala Khouri, Seane Corn, Kerri Kelly & Jacoby Ballard)

Beyond Duality: Yoga and Social Justice FB group

A rich dialogue around issues of social justice has continued on our Facebook Group.  Click below here request access,  We ask that anyone who joins agrees to our main principles of Compassionate Conversation: we avoid blaming, shaming and finger pointing and do our best to take a breath before we speak (or type), stay curious, take responsibility for your words by using "I" statements.


Reflections on Social Justice, Yoga and Inclusivity


My Difficult Conversation with My 9 Year Old Son by Diane Bondy

Internalized Oppression's Long Shadow by Laura Sharkey