Carrington Jackson

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Based in Raleigh, NC, Carrington's yoga journey has been a diverse one. Over the last 20+ years, through the exploration of Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Vinyasa and everything in between, she realized that yoga was much bigger than just the physical endeavor of asana, but rather a way to dive into the very core of self, which is the place of spirit, the place of connection, the place of the divine. 

Carrington gratefully attained her 200 hr teaching certification in 2004 and her 500 hr in 2010. Her classes are a canvas of movement, breath, prayer, humor, and stories intertwined with spirit, sweat, and magic. Ultimately, the soul of her teaching practice is about bringing people to a deeper knowing and acceptance of themselves and helping them to piece together the individual parts of the self into the more powerful whole. Her passion both on and off the mat is helping others find their voice and own their power, and she teaches many classes and workshops to that end. Carrington is known in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) for teaching large scale, outside-the-box yoga events that bring smaller yoga communities together into a massive collective. 

Carrington is on faculty at the Blue Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Program and serves as a mentor to both new and established yoga teachers in the RTP. Her journey through yoga has had many teachers along the way, and she is most grateful to Hala, Seane, and Suzanne for opening and ushering her through the open doors of OTM. Since taking the OTM Intensive in 2010, she has held roles as community mentor, YIA mentor, and the NC state leader for YogaVotes.

As YIA Coordinator, Carrington will guide you through the process of becoming a YIA Facilitator, which brings the Off the Mat experience to your local community.