Body Image Breakthrough

with Dr. Melody Moore

Our feelings about our body can either liberate us into purposeful action, or block us from the privilege of contributing to the world around us. Sometimes we have to break it down to break through. Whatever IT is, our patterns of thought, actions, or words, they keep us stuck and weighed down by their perceived power. It's easy to start to believe the things you tell yourself on a daily, or hourly basis. But that kind of repetition just means you're committed, not that your negative body image is valid. Nor is it useful. In fact, hating your body, comparing yourself to others or to an ideal, gets in the way of you being freed up to serve your soul's highest calling. Join me for a 90-minute course on how to break through illusions and misconceptions about your body. It's not your body that needs to change, it's your perception. You won't get bikini ready, you'll get ready for the life that is longing for you to live into its possibilities.


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