Off the Mat, Into the World® (OTM) is dedicated to bridging yoga and activism. Founded in 2007, OTM’s mission is to use the tools of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry to inspire leaders to create conscious, sustainable change. We define activism as an act of standing for solidarity, equality, justice, and freedom for all.


Yoga can be a powerful path of personal transformation and accountability. At its root, the word means ‘union’ – of mind, body and spirit. The practice of yoga is one that asks us to know ourselves and engage in a process of self-reflection and self-awareness every time we step on the mat. Yoga teaches us that it is by going through our pain and resistance that we can access our hope and faith.  To bypass our pain is not only ineffective but dangerous.

As activists engaging in the world to serve the greater good, it is paramount that we acknowledge our own wounds, limitations, privilege, ignorance and fear as well as our gifts, strengths, talents, and passion.  At OTM we are committed to both- we see the value in the shadow and the light; neither can exist without the other.

OTM helps individuals take the path of yoga “off the mat and into the world," expanding the sphere of change outward to local and global communities. We do this by facilitating personal empowerment through leadership trainings, fostering community collaboration, and initiating local and global service projects. 


Our work focuses on three core areas of development


Training OTM trainings are unique and powerful experiences of self-exploration and radical transformation, development of communication and leadership skills and visioning to action. Addressing social justice issues is an integral part of all that we do.

Community At its core, OTM is about building and sustaining a community of yogis and conscious activists. We invite you to explore how leaders in our network are taking their yoga off the mat and into the world. Connect with our Community

Action OTM harnesses the power of yoga to support and inspire conscious, sustainable activism. Our leaders work in their own communities to create positive social change.  Our global work is always done in solidarity with local organizations and communities to support their vision and goals.