Dr. Melody Moore is a Clinical Psychologist, national yoga teacher, author, and social entrepreneur.  After obtaining her doctorate from the University of Southwestern Medical School in 2005, Dr. Moore completed her post-doctoral training at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas’ Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders. She then spent seven years in private practice, specializing in treatment of the range of eating disorders, before co-founding Embody Love Center in 2012.  Her center provides an integrated approach to treatment, utilizing yoga practice and meditation, psychotherapy, and holistic nutrition as tools for recovery from negative body image and disordered eating. She chose to combine the healing tools of yoga, embodied experience, and psychodynamic therapy to create a program that would allow her clients to thrive.

As a senior leader for Off the Mat, Into the World, Dr. Moore was granted the Project Springboard inaugural scholarship in 2011. Embody Love Movement, now a 501(c)3 social non-profit, has a mission to empower girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and create meaningful change in the world. The movement is one that changes the conversation from negative self-talk and judgment to meaningful dialogue about showing up as oneself in the world. Dr. Moore’s hope is to create a revolution in the way that all recognize their inherent worthiness and fully embrace their own lovability.

Dr. Moore is on the supervising faculty at the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, a founding member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, and on faculty for Off the Mat, Into the World.   She is a chapter contributor to two anthologies, Yoga and Body Image (eds. Guest-Jelly and Klein) and Yoga and Eating Disorders (eds. Costin and Kelly).  Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Origin Magazine, Elephant Journal and Sweat Equity.

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