The Empowered Youth Initiative


This is OTM's commitment to serving our youth. We believe that if we can facilitate the empowerment of youth, we can make an exponential impact on social justice and environmental issues. Our young people are our future leaders, one of the best places to invest our time and resources.

Although our global work (Seva Project) mostly targets youth; this initiative is focused on exploring the dynamics that surround disenfranchised urban and suburban youth in the United States. Many of the issues these young people face are prevalent in other developed countries and communities such as Canada, Asia, the UK, and Europe in general.

Young people who do not have adequate support around them are often considered “at risk.” They are at risk of engaging in criminal activity, drugs, joining gangs, violent behavior, or being the victims of violence. Psychologically they are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and mental illness.

The Empowered Youth Initiative aims at addressing the larger context that these young people are brought up in. Their behavior is a product of what is going on in their home, community, school and district; as well as their ancestry and physiology. The more we as conscious activists can understand this larger socio-economic and political context, the more effective we can be in serving this community.

Our Leadership Training is an on-the-ground immersion where participants engage in a process of mutual inquiry with the young people they wish to serve. Each year we will target a different community within the U.S., and step in to Bare Witness and learn as much as we can.


New Online Training: "Beyond Duality: Yoga & Social Justice"

Every other Tuesday 5:00- 7:00pm PST starting Feb 26th through- June 4

(if you cannot make the sessions, you can listen to the recorded calls anytime)


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