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Yoga In Action


Yoga in Action (YIA) Yoga is a grassroots, purpose-driven leadership program that brings the Off the Mat experience of self-inquiry and sustainable action to a local level


Designed as a small circle model, this seven-week program is an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, to develop relationships with other yogis and activists, and to collaborate on creating authentic and lasting change close to home. In this training, with the support of a small group of peers, participants journey from inward witnessing and acceptance to outward purposeful and accountable action within their communities and the outside world.

Steps to become a YIA Leader

+Attend the Yoga Purpose and Action Intensive

+Submit  application  

+Interview with OTM YIA Coordinator

+Pay materials fee after acceptance

+Receive YIA teaching curriculum to use in your community (includes manuals for both participants and leaders)

+And that's it! Our YIA Mentor will help you create your own YIA group in your local community, providing guidance and as needed

OTM's vision is to seed these small groups of change in communities and online to inspire collaboration and connection among our diverse community of activists.


Over the last ten years, through the 5-Day Yoga, Purpose & Action Intensive, OTM has trained hundreds of leaders across the globe to lead YIA Circles on a local level and has ultimately built a network of embodied, inspired, and motivated people, committed to actively serving their communities in a conscious and sustainable way.